• What is a Business Name?

    A Business Name (BN) refers to any name, other than your true name, that you use in connection with your business.  

  • Do I have to register my Business Name?

    If you are doing business using a name other than your true name, then you are required to register that business name with the Department of Trade and Industry.

  • If I have already acquired a Business Name Registration, do I still need to get a Business/Mayor’s Permit?

    Yes, a Business Name Registration merely provides the business a legal identity; in order to actually operate the business, you need a Business/Mayor’s Permit. 

  • Who can register a business name?

    Any Filipino who is at least 18 years of age can register a business name. Foreign nationals who are authorized to do business in the Philippines under existing statutes may also register.

  • Can a foreign national register a business name?

    Yes. A foreign national and refugee/stateless person should be at least 18 years of age to register a business name.

    A Non-Philippine national also needs to obtain a Certificate of Registration of Sole Proprietorship/Certificate of Authority to Engage in Business in the Philippines pursuant to RA 7042 (Foreign Investment Act).

    For a Refugee or stateless person, he/she needs to be issued a written recognition from the Refugee and Stateless person Protection Unit of the Department of Justice (DOJ-RSPPU), and whose recognition is not subject to cancellation, revocation, or cessation, in accordance with applicable government rules and regulations.

    Click here for the list of the documentary requirements.

  • How do I register/renew my Business Name?

    Our business name registration guide can be found in this link

  • How much is the registration fee?

    Registration fees will be based on your chosen territorial scope:

    Barangay - PhP 200

    City/Municipality - PhP 500

    Regional - PhP 1,000

    National - PhP 2,000

    All registration fees are subject to an additional PhP 30 Documentary Stamp Tax. 

    An additional 50% will be charged for late filing of your Business Name Registration.

  • Can a representative file my BN Registration for me?

    Yes, BN Registrations can be filed by a representative as long as he/she provides a valid ID and an authorization letter signed by the business owner together with the other requirements.

  • What is a Territorial Scope?

    Territorial Scope refers to the extent of the geographical area within which the pertinent business may locate its offices, stores, shops, branches, manufacturing or processing plants, or other business structures, or where the pertinent BN may be used without prejudice to engaging in business elsewhere.

    It is not to be considered as the geographical limit in which to transact business.

  • Can I use the terms “company”, “corporation”, “incorporated” or “cooperative” as part of my BN?

    No. Only a partnership or corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can use the words “company”, “corporation” or “incorporated” as part of their business name, while the word “cooperative” can only be used by cooperatives registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). 

  • Why was the Business Name I submitted for registration rejected?

    Your Business Name will not be accepted under the following instances: 

    1. Those that connote activities or norms that are unlawful, immoral, scandalous or contrary to propriety;
    2. Those names, words, terms or expressions used to designate or distinguish, or suggestive of quality, of any class of goods, articles, merchandise, products or services;
    3. Those that are registered as trade names, trademarks, or business names by any government agency authorized to register names or trademarks;
    4. Those that are inimical to the security of the State;
    5. Those that are composed purely of generic word or words;
    6. Those that by law or regulation are restricted or cannot be appropriated;
    7. Those that are officially used by the government in its non-proprietary functions;
    8. Those names or abbreviations of any nation, intergovernmental or international organization unless authorized by competent authority of that nation, inter-government or international organization;  
    9. Those ordered or declared by administrative agencies/bodies or regular court not to be registered;
    10. Those names of other persons;
    11. Those names which are deceptive, misleading or which misrepresent the nature of business.

  • How do I get a Certified True Copy of my Certificate of BN Registration?

    You may request for a Certified True Copy of your Certificate of BN Registration at selected DTI Office* with the following requirements:

    1. Submission of Other BN-Related Application Form (Annex D)

    2. Presentation of a valid ID as indicated in (Annex A)

    3. Payment of fee prescribed in (Annex E)

    *Call your DTI Regional or Provincial Office first and inquire the nearest DTI Office or Negosyo Center you can avail the service.  Click the link to access the DTI Directory of Key Officials:


  • I made a typographical error on my registration, how do I correct this?

    Only typographical errors made in a new registration can be corrected. You may email your concern to with your name, business name, correction and attached government ID for validation.

    If you will change information such as residence address, business address, or name and civil status please go to the selected DTI Office* near your area.

    *Call your DTI Regional or Provincial Office first and inquire the nearest DTI Office or Negosyo Center you can avail the service.  Click the link to access the DTI Directory of Key Officials:

  • Is it okay to interrupt, then continue at a later time, the online business name registration process?

    Yes. To resume your registration after a pause, go to Transaction Inquiry under the Business Name Services heading. Input your reference code and click on your business name. Scroll down and click the resume button.  

  • What is the validity of my BN Registration?

    The BN registration is valid for five (5) years from the date of registration. 

  • How do I pay the registration fee online?

    BNRS has an online payment facility that accepts GCashPayMaya e-wallet and Credit/Debit Card. You may also pay over-the-counter (7/11 and Bayad Center) or through bank deposit by choosing Landbank Link.Biz. 

  • After completing my BN Registration, are there any other payments to be made?

    After paying the BN Registration fee, there will be no other payments to be made with BNRS.

  • How do I get my certificate after completing the registration?

    You may download your certificate by typing in your Reference Code found in Transaction Inquiry. A verification code will be sent to the email address you provided in your registration. Use the verification code to access the Transaction Summary. From there, you can access your certificate in Downloadable Contents. 

  • Why didn’t I receive my verification code?

    Kindly check if the verification code was sent to your Spam/Junk email. If there is still no email with the verification code, you might not have provided an active email address. Send an email at for assistance.  

  • How do I cancel my reserved BN?

    Input your Reference Code in Transaction Inquiry. Click your business name and scroll down until you see Cancel Transaction. This will cancel your reserved BN and reference code. 

  • Upon searching for my Business Name, the results showed "Unpaid" even though I already paid the registration fee. What should I do?

    Send your proof of transaction and government-issued ID to to verify your registration and payment. The help desk will reply with the status of your payment and the next steps in your registration process.

  • Can I change the territorial scope of my BN Registration?

    Yes, the territorial scope of a registered BN may be changed subject to the specific provision of registrability. The change shall have the effect of a new application, which includes the issuance of a new Certification of BN Registration a new validity period.

    Change/Upgrade of BN Territorial Scope can be applied at the selected DTI Office* near your area.

    *Call your DTI Regional or Provincial Office first and inquire the nearest DTI Office or Negosyo Center you can avail the service.  Click the link to access the DTI Directory of Key Officials:

  • How do I update the information in my BN Registration?

    Making changes such as residential/business address or owner’s name by virtue of marriage or judicial decree can be made in the selected DTI Office* near your area.

    Click the link for the checklist on Updating Owner's Name or Changing Other Business Information.

    *Call your DTI Regional or Provincial Office first and inquire the nearest DTI Office or Negosyo Center you can avail the service.  Click the link to access the DTI Directory of Key Officials:

  • Can I transfer the ownership of my BN Registration?

    No. Transfer of ownership is not allowed. You must cancel your old BN registration then apply for a new one under the new ownership.  

  • When should I renew my BN Registration?

    Early FilingOne Hundred Eighty (180) Calendar Days prior to the expiration date 

    Regular Filing – Within ninety (90) calendar days following the expiration of the registration 

    Late Filing or Grace Period – Within ninety (90) calendar days after the Regular Filing period subject to a payment of a surcharge of fifty percent (50%) of the registration fee.

    All BN registrations not renewed within the grace period shall be immediately cancelled and shall be made available for registration by other parties subject to existing rules on registrability. 

  • Can I cancel my BN Registration?

    Yes, you can apply for a cancellation of BN registration at selected DTI Office* for any of the following reasons:

    1. Cessation of business operations prior to the expiry date of the existing registration;

    2. Sale or transfer of the business to any other person;

    3. Upon BN owner’s conclusive determination that a prior owner and lawful user of an identical or confusingly similar BN exists;

    4. Upon transfer of the business to another geographical location beyond or outside the registered BN's territorial scope.

    You can watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your BN registration.

    *Call your DTI Regional or Provincial Office first and inquire the nearest DTI Office or Negosyo Center where you can avail the service.  Click the link to access the DTI Directory of Key Officials:

  • Can DTI cancel my BN Registration, and if so, on what grounds?

    DTI may cause the mandatory cancellation of a BN registration in any of the following instances:  

    1. For violations enumerated in Rule X, Section 1 (Grounds for Revocation) of the DAO 18-07 after due notice and hearing;
    2. Upon order by an administrative body, court or tribunal, which has become final and executory;
    3. Upon receipt of notice of cancellation of the BN owner’s business permit or license issued by any government regulatory agency for the conduct of business;
    4. Cancellation, revocation or cessation of recognized refugee or stateless person status in accordance with the DOJ Department Circular No. 58 dated 1 October 2012 including all future amendments, modifications, or revisions thereof.

    DTI also has the authority to cancel a registered BN under any of the following instances:  

    1. Failure to renew the BN registration within the grace period;
    2. Death of the owner – upon receipt of information about the death of the registered BN owner from a relative (informant). They shall sign and submit Other BN-Related Application Form together with a clear certified copy of the death certificate of the registered BN owner and a copy of the relative’s valid ID. 

  • Can the DTI release information related to my Business Name to a third party without my consent/knowledge?

    (Rule XI, Section 1) The public’s right of access to information is recognized, subject to the limitations provided by applicable laws, rules and regulations, and payment of applicable fees. Such information deemed available to the public shall, upon request, may be disclosed in the form of a Certification.

  • Can I request for information related to a BN Registration other than my own?

    Yes, certification related to the Certificate of BN Registration may be provided to a requesting party by submitting the requirements and paying the prescribed fee at any DTI office or through the web-enabled BN Registration System.

    Requests for other personal/classified/confidential information may be granted upon the written consent of the owner or when subpoenaed by the courts.

    Registered BNs may also be verified through the search facility of the web-enabled BN Registration System.